Uriel Moorer

When Uriel was 12 years old his brother, Gabriel, was diagnosed with autism. Little did he know, this event would not only alter his life trajectory, but it would also fine-tune the moral lenses through which he perceived and understood the world.

Uriel moved to Iowa August 2010 to work as a counselor at Camp Courageous. He was later promoted twice to the position of Nature Director. When COVID-19 readjusted his hours at work, he re-enrolled into online classes to finish his degree at the University of West Georgia. In July 2020, Uriel received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After over 10 years of work and service to Camp Courageous, Uriel decided to embark on a new journey and was hired as the Rec Center Coordinator for Discovery Living.

Uriel is a member of the nation’s largest co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and enjoys bird watching, reading autobiographies, and celebrating the triumphs our members experience every day.