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About Discovery Living

Discovery Living provides services to adults (age 18 and older) with developmental disabilities.

About Us


In the mid-1970’s, parents in Linn County who had adult family members with developmental disabilities looked to the future with serious concerns. The local community had a growing variety of specialized programs, but residential services, such as small group homes, were few in number. Those that did exist were already full and had long waiting lists. Concerned groups from the community banded together to find a solution. In 1977, The Knights of Columbus formed a non-profit organization called Discovery Village (which would one day be renamed Discovery Living, Inc.) to meet this need.

Today, Discovery Living serves over 150 people in over 30 locations. Every person served by Discovery Living has an intellectual disability, and most have other conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, visual or hearing limitations and/or multiple disabilities. The organization employs over 200 staff, most of whom provide direct support for the residents when they are at home.

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Night to Shine



Making a Difference


We are the culmination of our experiences. A life is built on the events that shape us and help us discover who we are – what we have, and sometimes what we need. As we get to know ourselves, on this journey, we begin to dream, gather supports, and plan for what our future could be. We surround ourselves with people we love – who we hope will help us to become better people. Our friends. Our family. Our caregivers.

We, at Discovery Living, are honored and grateful that so many paths have led to us, and we couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments our members have made throughout the years.

Boardof Directors

PresidentPat Schmitt

Vice PresidentDan Banyas

SecretaryJames Nelson

TreasurerKaren Volz

Other Members
  • Craig Clark
  • Anne Cunningham
  • Denis Duppong
  • Jeff Gibney
  • William Knapp
  • Scott Olson
  • Ralph Savoy
  • Mike Stallman
  • Frank Varvaris