Your Gifts Matter

Every gift matters. Discovery Living, like most non-profit organizations, depends on the extraordinary goodwill of various individuals and community organizations.

About Giving


Knights of Columbus

Our founding partner, the Knights of Columbus, has worked tirelessly to help ensure our sustainability through 40 years of on-going support. In addition to the Knights, we have been blessed by the generosity of our employees, individual donors, relatives and friends of people served, community foundations and local businesses. The fact is, we simply could not provide the services we do without these people – people just like you. Through their generous gifts, we have been able to provide a wide array of individualized supports to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. Home modifications, vehicle purchases and adaptations, and adaptive equipment are examples of routine expenses that are not covered by our funding sources. Please consider the good you could do as a member of the community of donors that support the work of Discovery Living.

Ways to Give


For many, whether or not they want to contribute is an easy decision. But how does one give? Well, there are a number of methods available. Below are four of the most common ways we raise funds here at Discovery Living.

If you would like more information about giving to Discovery Living, please contact our office at 319-378-7470.

Unrestricted Gift

An unrestricted donation allows Discovery Living to identify and apply the funds to the most needed expenses at the time the gift is received.

Restricted Gift

When making a restricted donation, the donor may specify a particular purpose or project to which he or she would like the funds applied.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving generally entails a person directing that a portion of their estate be given to Discovery Living at the time of their death. The most common planned gifts are property, stock options or a portion of that person's financial assets.

In Kind

In kind donations allow the donor to contribute in the form of goods or professional services. Examples of in kind donations include adaptive equipment - such as wheelchairs or Hoverounds - or free services, like advertising or equipment repairs.

Making a Difference

What is yourLegacy?

A key to the fiscal stability of non-profit organizations is to have resources invested in a trust or endowment fund. Having a strong endowment often determines which businesses have the fiscal stability to endure for the long haul. An endowment consists of permanent funds that are invested with the principle kept intact, while interest and other earnings are used to further our work here at Discovery Living.

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Discovery Living Member
Discovery Living Member
Discovery Living Member

Discovery livingendowment

By investing in Discovery Living’s endowment with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF), you are investing in our long-term future and that of the local communities we call home. The GCRCF’s mission is to connect donors to deserving people and organizations, and to provide leadership on important community issues.

Examples of qualifying gifts include cash, stock options, insurance annuities, retirement account dividends, and property. Donors benefit from federal tax deductions, as well as Endow Iowa tax credits. Here is an example of possible benefits of a gift to our endowment fund:

  • Donor makes a $4,000 gift to the Discovery Living endowment
  • 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit: $1,000
  • 35% Federal Tax Deduction:$1,400
  • Cost of gift to donor: $1,600

Legacy Society Membership

Any and all gifts are appreciated but we have established a very special designation for those who make substantial and ongoing gifts to our endowment. Such individuals become members of the Discovery Living Legacy Society. With their consent, Legacy Society members will be acknowledged in our newsletter and website, and invited to special events. This special group of supporters will truly help shape the future of our organization. If you want to learn more about this wonderful opportunity to help Discovery Living, while benefiting from tax incentives, please feel free to call the Discovery Living office at (319) 378-7470 and ask to speak with Bob Hebl.


Through Endow Iowa, our state is a leader in helping create public-private solutions that drive growth and benefit large and small communities. Endow Iowa encourages individuals, businesses and organizations to make lasting investments in their communities by establishing permanent, endowed funds during their lifetime. In exchange, donors can claim state income tax incentives worth 25 percent of the amount of their gift (in addition to federal charitable deductions).

Qualifying Gifts Include

Contributions of any amount to any eligible endowed fund at an Iowa community foundation, such as the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF)

Tax Credits

Endow Iowa was created to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of this state through increased philanthropic activity by encouraging new investments to existing community foundations and facilitating the creation of new community foundations. The major component of the Endow Iowa Program is a state tax credit equal to 25% (as of 1/1/10) of a qualifying gift to a community foundation. The gift must be to an endowment fund within the qualified foundation or community affiliate organization. The tax credits can be claimed by individuals, businesses, or financial institutions. The most recent legislation relating to the tax credits provides for more than $3 million+ in tax credits each year. The program is administered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

More Giving Options

Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal

Each November, Discovery Living embarks on our Annual Appeal campaign. This campaign is critical, as it allows us to receive funds to cover expenses that we are not reimbursed for. Each and every gift is used to directly support the people we serve, and none of the funds are used for administrative purposes.

Dispatch Cover

Newsletter Sponsorship

Newsletter sponsorships are available to individuals and businesses. You can show your support for Discovery Living and/or advertise your business by purchasing newsletter sponsorships. Sponsorships are for one year, and your name or company logo will be included in four Discovery Living Dispatch newsletters. Sponsorship level specifics can be discussed by calling the office at (319) 378-7478, and speak to Monica or email if you have any questions.

Birdies for Charity

Each spring, in conjunction and cooperation with the annual John Deere Classic, Discovery Living launches its Birdies for Charity Campaign. For each dollar in pledges, John Deere will contribute a bonus 5-10%, and every dollar pledged, plus the John Deere contribution goes to Discovery Living. How does it work? Simply make a one-time flat donation or pledge one cent or more per birdie. After the tournament, you will be mailed a notice of your pledge amount due. Plus, everyone who pledges can guess the number of birdies that will be shot during the Classic and will have a chance to win a new car or one of more than 100 consolation prizes. Tournament rules and pledge forms are available at the time of the campaign, at The Discovery Living Birdies for Charity number is 1022. It is important to make sure this number is included with pledges to ensure that your gift goes to Discovery Living.
Golf Ball
Tootsie Roll

Knights of Columbus Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PID) Drive

Several area Knights of Columbus councils embark on their annual Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PID) fund drive – often referred to as the Tootsie Roll Drive – each fall. You may already know the Knights of Columbus founded Discovery Living in 1977, and these faithful friends continue to support our organization each and every year. Knights of Columbus members volunteer hundreds of hours annually in support of Discovery Living. They are our single largest source of donations. Many of us have observed these kind folks out and about selling Tootsie Rolls at various community locations. Next time you see them, go on and make a donation, pick up your Tootsie Roll, pat one of them on the back, and thank them for being living proof that the Knights of Columbus is an organization whose members live in accordance with their guiding principles.

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